Hide My IP - Affiliate Program
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How can I refer customer to Hide My IP and receive a commission?
Signup for our Hide My IP affiliate program. Place your custom affiliate tracking URL on your website, newsletter, app, or elsewhere to refer customers. Easy to join, easy to use, easy to get paid. Check your account balance or view real-time reports in your affiliate panel area.
How often can I get paid?
We issue payments every 2 weeks by PayPal or check. We also can issue payouts via other methods such as Bitcoin upon request.
Can I get commission for repeat customers or sales?
Yes, if a customer makes subsequent purchases, you will receive commission for each purchase. Automatic renewals such as subscription payments are not included in the affiliate tracking.
How long is the tracking time period in which I can earn a commission?
Once a visitor clicks your custom affiliate tracking URL, they must make a purchase within 180 days or 6 months for you to receive a commission credit for the sale.
If a customer makes a purchase by check or bank deposit, do I still get a commission?
Regardless of what payment method the customer used to make a purchase, you will receive a commission.
Why do I see commissions in my account for $.01 cent?
We allow our affiliates to track and view hits to various pages during our secure order checkout. We are currently allowing $.01 cent commissions for hits to our Billing Information, Order Verification, and Declined Payment pages. Full commissions are paid only for completed sales on the Thank You page.
How can I send visitors to a specific URL?
You may send visitors to any URL you wish to earn commissions, either on our website or another website. To direct a visitor to any URL, just add "&url=[enter url here]" on the end of your affiliate tracking URL. For example, this URL will direct visitors to the Hide My IP product page:


More information can be found in your affiliate account on the "Alternate Incoming Page Links" page under "Manual Link Creation".